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August Ames

About August Ames

Canadian pornstar August Ames was born on August 23, 1994 in Nova Scotia and grew up all around Canada. She is an army brat and is of Polish descent. Being a daughter of an army dad, the one most important thing she learnt growing up is respect. She develop appreciation for the people and things around her. In high school she was not a very sociable person until her last year when she got into cheerleading. Ames describes herself as an adventurous and curious person who also gets dangerously impulsive from time to time. In her early years August Ames worked as a babysitter and later at a horse ranch. Prior her porn career she was also earning money bartending and by working at a tanning salon.

Before August entered porn business she dated two guys and had approximately twenty one-night stands. While August Ames was doing some sort of modeling back home, she, out of curiosity, started checking porn sites. During commercial break while watching Dr. Phil. So this is how you keep yourself entertained during the boring commercials. Didn't know that, thanks August! She only wanted to earn a few extra bucks, but apparently, with natural breasts like that (32 DD) and her smoking hot body, she stayed. It was late 2013 when she entered adult entertainment business. August Ames' very first porn scene was a disaster, she says. She went on a set with a black eye. After not having any success covering it with makeup, they decided to film the whole scene showing only one side of her face. When it comes to sex Ames prefers doggy style. Things that make her hot are dirty talk, hair pulling and even some choking. Cute girls like it rough and you know it.

In her relatively fresh career, August Ames already won two awards. 2015 AVN Cutest Newcomer award and 2015 XRCO Cream Dream award.

When not doing porn, Ames enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking (she went to culinary school) and eating, going to the beach, listening to music (mainly country and hip hop) and is no stranger to playing games. She also enjoys camping (with real tents), hanging with her best friend who happens to be her mom and smoking weed with friends. If you are a guy who is confident, has a nice smile, is kind-hearted and intelligent, you have August Ames' attention. As for the girl, you only have to be smoking hot.







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