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Christy Mack

About Christy Mack

Christine Mackinday AKA Christy Mack was born on May 9, 1991 in South Chicago Heights, Illinois and grew up in Edinburgh, Indiana. Christy is known for her tattooed and rebellious, 34DD body and long and wicked nails. While you might think Mack goes crazy at parties and is a huge fan of sports, she is a complete opposite. Just like innocent girls can trick us, tattooed lasses are no different. She does not drink and she is not really into sports. Except cars. She is a semi-professional race car driver and in her spare time she does rally cross. Not to mention the car collection she owns. Christy Mack prefers dogs over cats and her regular weekend is a mix of netflix, popcorn, tanning and hitachi. Christine broke into porn back in 2012 at the time when no one was like her. A combination of tattoos, smoking hot body and crazy hair looks made her explode amongst the adult entertainment fans. Being a "one of a kind," Christy won several adult business awards like AVN's Most Promising New Starlet and Venus' Best Actress International.

She started injecting ink under her skin when she was around 16. It was a nautical star with sparrows on her lower back. Mack believes that the more tattoos she gets, the more beautiful she will become. We feel you.

Mack does not count how many guys she slept with and she does not like doing any weird stuff on camera. She might look like she is down for everything, but do not judge book by it's cover. Before entering the adult entertainment business, Christy Mack worked as a tattoo model for magazines like Inked and Rebel Ink.

Christy lost her virginity when she was eighteen years old to a high school sweetheart. It was a very romantic experience. First a dinner and then making out in the glow of candles. Foreplay might have been long, but as for the actual sex, after Christy Mack sat on his cock, it lasted for only a couple of seconds.

In 2012 Rihanna aimed to break the internet with an ass photo, but it turned out it was actually a photoshopped ass of Christy. Two years later the worst case scenario happened to Mack. Her relationship with, now ex-boyfriend, War Machine was not the brightest. It was a rough time of ups and downs. In August, 2014 she was (sexually) assaulted by Jonathan Koppenhave AKA War Machine (with a knife). Christy Mack was left with eighteen broken bones, broken nose, missing teeth, ruptured liver and fractured ribs.

Christy owns her personal clothing brand which offers tank tops, T-shirts, hats, beanies, underwear and more.







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